Beaumont animal shelter is seeing a big increase in finding animals a home. Here's why


Beaumont's Animal Control shelter has reported their live release rate has climbed almost 35 percent in the past four years.

Manager Matt Fortenberry says it's due to a a need for animals up north.

"We have a lot of rescue groups that we work with, a lot from out of town and out of state and we transport a lot of animals to other states where they don't have as many animals as we have in the South," says Fortenberry.

In 2014, the shelter had a 27 percent live release rate. In 2017, the shelter reported a 61 percent increase.

"To see the number that some of these organizations will take up north, we just sent 24 dogs today to Sterling, Massachusetts," says Fortenberry. "We're overflowing with animals here, it's kind of hard to fathom they'd need that many animals there."

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