Popular fishing spot at Rollover Pass set to close, hits makeover delay

It's officially summer, but a popular attraction for many SE Texans could soon be no more.

Rollover Pass at the Bolivar Peninsula is a high traffic area for fisherman, but is expected to be reconstructed.

The man-made channel between the Gulf and Galveston Bay creates a unique fishing spot.

Work to close and fill the cut was supposed to begin this month, and it's now delayed while the state seeks more bids.

It also is cited as a cause of coastal erosion. However, many say they're not in favor of the change.

"I'll have to find somewhere else to go, but I'll feel real bad about that, because i come out here a lot and I really enjoy fishing out here," Vance Garner said.

Rollover Pass is likely to remain open for a few more months, work is expected to start in October.

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