Local Humane Society shelter damaged during storm

Local Humane Society shelter damaged during storm

Cleanup has started at the Humane Society of SE Texas for the facility damaged by a storm Saturday morning.

The shelter's employees and volunteers found the building with extensive damage.

"I was shocked you couldn't see anything you couldn't even see the busted fence because the tree was so darn big," Diana Riley.

No animals were injured.

"If any of the dogs would've been hurt it would have been devastating to all of us," Taylor Breuer said.

However, the shelter is now in need of repairs. Fencing will be restored, and fallen trees will need to be cleaned up.

"Our problem is now we got a lot of fencing down which means the dogs can't go out into the areas," Dee Dee Goode said.

Goode says the damage is putting a strain on the non-profit.

"We've got people that are coming that want to adopt and we just can't right now we can't let them do that because of the situation," Goode said.

In the past three years, the shelter endured a fire, Harvey, and severe weather conditions. Goode says it's not easy, however staff members say, a helping hand from the community will get their shelter back, and better than ever.

Management says, business is to resume normal hours Tuesday.

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