Employees accused of embezzling from resort owned by host of Texas Country Reporter

    Pamela Lynn Nelson, 54, and Dawn Renae Bostick, 42. (Photos courtesy of Gillespie County and Kerr County)

    KERR COUNTY, Texas - Kerr County deputies have arrested two people accused of stealing more than $90,000 from a resort owned by the host of the TV show Texas Country Reporter.

    Dawn Renae Bostick, 42, and Pamela Lynn Nelson, 54, were former employees of the Escondida Resort owned by Bob Phillips, host of Texas Country Reporter. Phillips' wife, Kelli, noticed the irregularities and alerted authorities about the potential fraud scheme.

    Deputies said the two were allegedly scheduling resort clients and charging customers for their spa stays, but keeping the proceeds and putting it in their personal bank accounts. Over the course of three years Nelson and Bostick allegedly stole more than $90,000 but investigators believe the pair may have embezzled as much as $400,000 factoring in cash-only transactions. .

    Bostick was arrested in Gillespie County and Nelson was arrested in Kerr County. The pair was indicted for theft, but have not been arraigned. Nelson and Bostick posted bond to get out of jail.

    Bob Phillips said one of the women was a "trusted employee." He has owned the property since 1999 and turned it into a hotel and resort in 2006.

    The Texas Country Reporter can be seen locally in Southeast Texas and every city in Texas, as well as nationwide on the cable channel RFD-TV. Its first episode aired in 1972.

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