Judge grants injunction to attorney trying to prevent firing of LU softball coaches

The attorney representing the former Lamar University head women's softball coach and another coach has won the first round in court, in his effort to stop LU from firing them.

Judge Justin Sanderson has granted an injunction to Cade Bernsen on behalf of the coaches.

Bernsen argued Lamar should follow its own guidelines and not those of the Texas State University system in how it dealt with the matter involving former head coach Holly Bruder and Allison Honkofsky, another coach.

LU fired Bruder and Honkofsky is on the payroll through August.

LU didn't offer a public reason but the attorney says it's linked to a former LU softball player who claims she was denied her religious liberty when she was served a sandwich with meat during Lent and asked for a substitute. The player said she was told no.

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