First officer on scene of Tupac’s death recalls his last words, speaks on new revelations

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    LAS VEGAS (KSNV) - Over the past couple of weeks, new details have surfaced about the death of Tupac Shakur.

    A self-proclaimed drug kingpin now claims he was in the car when his nephew shot the rapper 22 years ago.

    News 3 sat down with Las Vegas Metro Police Department Lieutenant Chris Carroll who was at the scene the night Tupac died.

    On Sept. 7 1996, the rap legend and actor was shot in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. He died on Sept. 13.

    His murder is still an open investigation.

    "I had Tupac in my arms as he was dying," Carroll said as he recalled the night he responded to the shooting.

    Carroll says he tried to get Tupac to identify his shooter, but Tupac refused.

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    “I was trying to get more information and asked him ‘who shot you?’ he looked me straight in the eyes and he said, 'F*** you.' Those were the last words he ever said in his life," Carroll said.

    A new documentary called "Unsolved" provides more insight into Tupac’s death.

    A self-proclaimed gangster named "Keffe D" said he was in the car when his nephew Orlando Anderson opened fire on a BMW with Tupac and Suge Knight sitting inside.

    Carroll says police knew Anderson was guilty, they just could not prove it.

    "We have all known law enforcement, the gang community, the streets, everyone knows Orlando Anderson was the shooter, in this case, we have known that for years. Unfortunately, he himself was murdered shortly after the Tupac murder."

    The documentary sparked outrage many fans calling for Keffe D to be arrested for accessory to murder.

    However, Carroll says it is not that simple.

    "Someone is not guilty of murder merely because they are in the car, you need a little more than that, you have got to know what happened and what transpired inside of the car," said Carroll.

    Carroll says he never imagined Tupac would become such a legend and that he would still be doing interviews about him 20 years later.

    "In the mid-90's, rappers were getting killed left and right. We never thought that 20 years later this would be a thing. I also did not think six months later it would still be a thing,” Carroll said.

    It is rumored that Orlando Anderson shot and killed Tupac because he was upset after Tupac and his entourage assaulted him inside of the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino.

    Keffe D says the only reason he is confessing now is because he is dying of cancer. So far, no charges have been filed against him.

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