Coping with the cold

Southeast Texans usually don't see temperatures this cold--but if there's anybody who knows how to handle freezing temperatures--it's a postal carrier.

After all, those whose job it is to deliver mail have a motto that's quite timely.

"Rain, shine, sleet or snow, and through it all the mail has to go."

Tonja Johnson's mail route is a walk in the park on this wintry day, because she says she knows what to wear.

"Only thing we can do is layer up, unless you like cold weather and delivering in this type of weather, and this is my type of weather, so I go along and even sing along," says Johnson.

Johnson's not the only one working during this cold blast.

"Weather doesn't stop us," says Hal Guillory. "We're here six days a week, Monday through Saturday."

Uncle Henry's is open for business, and owner Hal Guillory says he sees a windfall when there's a snowfall or other cold weather.

"Cold weather is my best time of the year," says Guillory.

He's right. There was a steady flow of cars at the drive-thru eatery the entire time we were there. I even had to pitch in.

"I'm here to take your order."

The steam simmering out of pots shows us why Uncle Henry's is such a hot spot.

"Chili, gumbo, tamales," says Guillory. "Those are the big sellers during the cold weather."

It's what Roy Griffin is counting on to stay warm.

"Comfort man, soothes ya, soothes ya."

But then there's Matthew Moore, who's just relying on a hoodie for protection. He's even wearing shorts.

The military man says he's used to worse conditions.

"Just being in the military, you just train in different weather," says Moore. "Sometimes I didn't have certain gear, so I adapt to it, just for today, all my pants were in my luggage, I had to get somewhere quick. I said 'yay, let's go.'"

Officer Carol Riley with the Beaumont Police Department warns us all to stay safe while trying to keep warm.

"Please remember, if you got space heaters, keep things away from those space heaters, put them in an area where kids aren't running against them, just be hypervigilant."

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