PAISD, LSC-PA impacted by storms


    From PAISD - Good morning parents of PAISD summer program students, (i.e. - Summer school, Jump Start and summer recreation programs)

    The City of Port Arthur has been inundated with heavy rains which has led to flooding in some areas. Due to the inclement weather, parents can pick up their children, if it is permissible to do so. For those students that cannot be picked up, we will continue to keep them inside of our buildings where it is safe. We will dismiss at the regular time, but due to the weather, the buses may be slightly delayed to ensure the safe arrival of all students as they travel home. Again, parents can feel free to pick up their children from our summer programs, but if they cannot, their children will continue to be safe inside of our buildings until they can be transported home at the end of the school day.

    From LSC-PA - Heavy rains in Port Arthur have resulted in localized flooding making it difficult to travel to the Lamar State College Port Arthur campus.

    All classes are being dismissed as of 11 a.m. Tuesday, June 19. Students who have afternoon or night classes today should not come to campus.

    Updates regarding the status of the campus will be sent as new information becomes available.

    Please monitor campus email, text messages and LSCPA social media accounts for updates.

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