Millions of dollars going towards expanding and renovations

    Natatorium rebuild

    The Natatorium in the City of Orange, will soon be a recreation center.

    Orange has $8 million in bond money to expand and renovate the city. City council voted unanimously to use 3.1 million for roads and infrastructure; the remaining amount will be put towards projects like this one. Hoping to bring more people into the city.Mike Lamoine is a small business owner who's lived in Orange for 38 years. He owns of Spanky's Restaurant off of 16th street, and hopes these new projects will bring in more business and revenue to his restaurant and city.Mayor Spears also adds that there are other issues that Orange has right now; such as working on getting a hospital. But, he says, as they are working on those larger projects, it's wonderful to see a win situation for something small that will have a major impact for years to come.Building up the City of Orange, one project at a time.

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