Martin Luther King Jr. parade day

    MLK Parade Day

    Hundreds of people lining the streets in Beaumont near Alice Keith Park on Saturday morning.

    Everyone bundled up, as the weather was dropping to the 40's. But even the cold wind chill, didn't stop people from showing up to celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King.

    “It’s very important for us to spread the legacy and continue to let our kids know,” says Kathy Barker, “not just about Martin Luther King, but everyone that has helped us in this generations and generations before.”

    Beaumont United and Westbrook High School, Beaumont middle schools and elementary schools, along with the mayor and city council members, were among those riding in the parade.

    “There are lots of people out here, beads being thrown, candy being given out to the kids and everybody's excited and happy,” says Courtney Castille.

    Beaumont, uniting together: “Happiness, I can expect togetherness, unity, and a community coming together,” says Barker.

    Showing love and acceptance for one another.

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