Concussions in football and how it affects our youth

Concussions in football and how it affects our youth

Football; a game that's been all about the hitting.

For decades, football players were taught to hit hard and lead with their heads. Now, the rules are changing; from the pros, all the way to Pop Warner.

Jermaine Cooper is the head coach of the Pee Wee group in Beaumont. Coach Cooper, along with the rest of his coaching staff, had to take weeks of training before this year's season. Making these changes, with one goal in mind: to protect the kids.

Doctor Kimberly Pitts, daughter of NFL player Elijah Pitts, is the only concussion specialist in Southeast Texas. She says about 90% of the kids she sees are football players at the high school level. Pitts believes the reason she is seeing so many football players today, is because kids are so much stronger. Adding that the new, lighter pads and helmets are making kids feel invincible.

This fear of head injuries is decreasing the number of kids playing football at the youth level. But, Pitts says that may be an unreasonable fear. New rules and new attitudes; hoping to keep kids in the game.

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