SETX attorneys claim Beaumont college, ECA, linked to fraud


    Southeast Texas attorneys representing students and staff members of recently closed college campuses across the country say they have new evidence on the abrupt closures of more than 76 campuses nationwide, including Brightwood College in Beaumont.

    Attorney Tim Ferguson with the Ferguson Law Firm says the firm originally filed a nation-wide class action suit against 13 defendants.

    The original complaint was Brightwood College run by the Education Corporation of America (ECA) were permanently closing and officials knew it, but didn't deliver on promises to students and staff.

    "The students were paying all this money, owing all the money back to the government and then one day you show up to class and the door is locked," says Ferguson.

    Staff were also affected by the closure, especially those dealing with personal battles of their own.

    "She's stuck with no benefits, but the cancer is still there," says Ferguson.

    "Shannon Shroeder was the director of Career Services at Brightwood.

    She was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2018, and told on December 5th, her job of 14 years was over.

    Ferguson says Shroeder and others whose stories he's heard with similar endings, deserve answers.

    "We believe it further proves that the defendants either knew of had reason to know that these colleges across the country were going to be prematurely closed.

    If you'd like to help donations can be made here to Shannon's Gofundme page.

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