New documents reveal concerns with Kirbyville CISD superintendent

New documents reveal concerns with Kirbyville CISD superintendent

KFDM News has acquired new documents relating to Kirbyville CISD superintendent Dr. Tommy Wallis.

Wallis and his attorney fought for months to keep documents from his previous job at Bryan ISD sealed, citing it would hurt his reputation.

But a judge recently ruled the documents and two recordings be released to the public.

Performance reviews, exit interviews from former employees at Bryan ISD and other official documents were included in the release.

A former Bryan ISD employee wrote, "what have I learned in the 44 years since first becoming a teacher? That authority is only as good as the respect for the person wielding it."

A former principal and 29 year veteran of the district says her retirement was swift and painful. She described a meeting on her birthday with Wallis and district administrators.

"He made threats, belittled, yelled at and bullied me," the employee wrote in a letter of concern to the district. "I consider that day as the lowest day in life."

Kirbyville CISD hired Wallis as superintendent over a year ago, and he became the center of controversy there as well, after the death of high school principal Dennis Reeves.

According to a police investigation and court documents, last May, Wallis forced reeves to resign over an alleged affair. Moments later, police say reeves committed suicide.

Wallis faced criticism for not being transparent about his last interaction with Reeves, and many in the community accused Wallis of bully tactics.

We spoke with Wallis by phone briefly Friday. He told us he had no comment about the new documents.

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