Former congressman kicks off campaign for Jefferson County Judge

A prominent Southeast Texas politician is attempting a comeback.

Quoting the popular movie catchphrase, "I'm back," former congressman Nick Lampson formally launched his campaign for Jefferson County Judge.

Lampson's kick-off event was the Jefferson County Democratic Party headquarters in Beaumont.

More than 200 attended the announcement.

Lampson says his goal is to use his role as the County's top elected official to push for better education and promote economic development.

"I have been a public servant here in this county, as a teacher, as an officer holder, now as a healthcare professional, for many years, and people know what I can and will do to make our community a better place in which to live, and that's what's pushing me forward to do this," said Lampson.

Lampson faces no opposition in the Democratic primary in March.

He'll challenge Republican incumbent County Judge Jeff Branick in the November general election.

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