Buna remembers volunteer fireman Rusty Clark

Buna remembers volunteer fireman Rusty Clark

Buna is in mourning after a volunteer firefighter died in his sleep Wednesday night.

The department is planning a fire fighter's funeral for 64-year-old Rusty Clark, but he was known for much more than his work as a first responder.

Friends of Clark say he was an active volunteer with the Redbud festival.

"Somebody asked me the other day, whose gonna blow the siren for the parade?" says Fire Chief Todd Walters. "Because there's just big shoes to fill."

Clark participated in the Buna Volunteer Fire Department for about two decades.

Walters says Clark wore many hats, at the department, even serving as Treasurer at one point.

Clark battled fires until he suffered a stroke several years ago, but he still helped out in any way he could, according to Walters.

"He'd show up on the scene, said 'I'll run the truck, you go do something I can't do,'" says Walters.

Buna Volunteer Firefighters spent the day cleaning firetrucks to be used in Clark's procession-- a firefighter's funeral.

"He deserves that," says Dorothy Smith, a friend of Clark.

Smith says when a tractor fell on top of her son, Clark was there at the scene to help.

"Rusty came and got my arm and he said come with me and I said 'No, I'll be in the way,' and he said 'No, he's your son, come with me,'" says Smith.

Clark's funeral will take place Saturday (4/14) at Buna's First Baptist Church.

"Gonna miss him," says Walters.

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