Inika McPherson Recognized in Port Arthur

McPherson was brought to tears as Port Arthur Mayor Derrick Freeman read the city's proclamation for "Inika McPherson Day."

The city of Port Arthur held a send-off ceremony for 2016 Summer Olympian Inika McPherson on Friday evening.

The event took place inside Port Arthur Memorial High School in front of hundreds of people.

At the pep rally, Port Arthur Mayor Derrick Freeman read a proclamation to McPherson, which said Port Arthur declared July 29, 2016 as "Inika McPherson Day."

"It just means the world to me," said McPherson. "I just really appreciate all the love, all the support. I've always felt support in Port Arthur, Texas. As I was talking earlier, everyone has had a hand in my success, and I really appreciate everyone."

McPherson qualified for the Olympics in the high jump during an Olympic qualifier in early July.

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