Port Arthur family rebuilding after storm says consider getting flood insurance

Port Arthur family rebuilding after storm devastation says get flood insurance

Harvey's devastation reaches far and wide and has ruined neighborhoods and areas of multiple cities across Southeast Texas in what is being called a historic event.

Contractors cut out sheet rock and removed soggy insulation inside Port Arthur residents Perry and Brenda Gobert's home.

"We've been through it before because we lost our original home at the same property during Rita," said Perry Gobert.

Hurricane Rita caused heavy wind damage to the Gobert's home.

This time, Harvey brought massive flooding.

"Once we opened the garage door, everything just rushed in, so at that time it wasn't even thinking, it was action," Perry Gobert said.

With three hurricanes currently in the Atlantic Ocean, and Hurricane Irma with its eye on Florida, Gobert's best advice to people on the east coast is to evacuate as soon as possible.

During the worst of the storm, the city sent messages to residents through social media -- a tool that first responders say wasn't utilized during past storms.

"That can be a good thing as far as getting the message out quickly to everybody," says Port Arthur Emergency Management Coordinator Robert Havens. "It can also be a bad thing whenever poor or misleading information is put out."

This storm was especially difficult to handle because the city saw record rain fall, which caused homes that wouldn't typically flood to be consumed with water.

Gobert suggests everyone living in potential hurricane areas should consider getting flood insurance.