Port Arthur hit and run leaves one person dead, one injured


PORT ARTHUR - by Ashley DeVriend

Bright orange spray paint marks the road in the 7600 block of the U.S. 69 Southbound feeder road.

It's evidence of a crash Port Arthur Police say threw two teenagers off a small motorcycle after they were hit by another driver.

Officers say the driver of the minibike was 15 year old Tause Khuhro; he suffers serious injuries.

The passenger on the minibike was 16 year old Antonio Maretti; Officers said he died at the scene.

Police say the driver that hit the teenager's vehicle drove away from the scene.

"That is surprising to hear," said Paul Thibodeaux. "Well I mean if you hit something you need to stop, it's the law," he said.

"The suspect continued on, turned around, made a u-turn, turned northbound on 69 access road and continued on to an apartment," said Major Raymond Clark of PAPD.

Investigators say that person drove more than a mile with the small motorcycle lodged in the front of their vehicle.

"It surprises me how much that actually happens like how do you not know you hit somebody and just keep on goin," said Port Athur native Heather Rivas.

Police are sending a message in the wake of a tragedy:

"Just everybody look out for motorcycles," said Port Arthur Deputy Chief Raymond Clark.
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