Fiancée of man charged in double stabbing says it was self-defense

Thirty-year-old Vidor native Matthew Caleb Dabill was arrested for stabbing two people in Buna early Sunday morning. He's now charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and a judge set bond at $50,000.

"We parked right in front of the people's driveway," says Dabill's fiancée, a witness to the incident who does not want to be identified. "They had come out there and we rolled our window down and talked to them."

The woman says she and Dabill were towing a friend's truck when the car ran out of gas on FM 1004 in Buna.

"They asked if we could move our truck because they had people coming," she says. "We moved our truck past their driveway and our friend wasn't able to move his truck."

She says they called for a friend to come bring gas and they fell asleep waiting for that friend.

"When we were woken up, they were opening our truck door and telling us if we didn't move our truck they were going to start beating up my fiancée," says the woman.

That's when she says they pulled Dabill out of the car and started beating him.

She claims in self defense Dabill stabbed 26-year-old James Ray Honea and 27-year-old Houston S. Norman.

One person was stabbed four times and the other three times.

Deputies say Honea is in critical condition at CHRISTUS Hospital St. Elizabeth in Beaumont. Norman was treated and later released.

"I hope he makes it out of the hospital okay. I don't wish anything bad on our attackers but I want everybody to know it was out of self defense," says Dabill's fiancé.

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