Vidor ISD releases statement about fight between Vidor and Nederland High soccer players

A 10 second video clip of a fight between Vidor and Nederland High School soccer players has parents speaking out.

"I saw the video of a coach going in and grabbing one of our boys and pulling them out," said Matthew Lene, who graduated from Vidor High School last year.

Lene weighed-in about cell phone video taken after Vidor played at Nederland High School on Tuesday night at a boys soccer game.

Vidor won the game 2-to1.

When it ended, there was a fight under the stands..

Cell phone video shows an adult trying to break it up.

Vidor ISD released the following statement:

"The incident was quickly addressed by the administrators, officer and coaches at the game before anyone was harmed. The principals from both Vidor High School and Nederland High School are in communication and have agreed that the situation needs to be handled in their respective campuses."

Lene says fight should never have happened.

"I don't really think fighting is really the answer, and I don't think it was the answer here especially," he said. "I think they could have handled it a lot better."

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