Thieves took money from Port Neches Little League

Thieves took money from Port Neches Little League

PORT NECHES - Thieves broke into a concession stand at Port Neches Little League fields Wednesday night and stole money used to help little boys sign up for baseball, according to a league official.

"They pried it through the outside, pushed it through, knocked this metal piece back and they were able to slip in," said league president Michael Reeves. "The safe was missing."

He says at least $200 was inside the safe.

"We keep a safe in the concession stand for drop reason for the night," Reeves said. "The money in there is usually taken the next day and brought to the bank for deposits."

The money is used to help the more than 300 children in the league.

"We have a lot of kids that sign up to play baseball that are unable to play select baseball financially, and our sponsors and our league give them that opportunity to come out here and do that," Reeves said. "We're here to help these kids."

The kids weren't the only ones victimized, sponsors and donors that help the league were also disappointed.

"The people that wrote their checks to provide for these kids too; yeah they're stealing from the community too," Reeves said.

The vandals also tried to break into the utility building, where equipment and offices are held.

"I just want them to confess and return it," said Reeves.

Port Neches police is investigating the theft.

Even if the league doesn't get the money back, Reeves says kids will continue to get a chance to play ball.

"We're going to continue to operate and run to the best of our ability and make sure it's fun for these kids," he said.

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