Teacher contract renewals draw concern

With the end of the school year in Beaumont ISD just weeks away, there is concern teachers haven't received written notice their contracts have been renewed.

The Beaumont Teacher's Association said it's been waiting on word of that and the district only has until May 20th to do so. A spokesperson for the BTA described the sentiment among some teachers as frustration.

The district said the board approved contracts during its' last meeting and that those will be released electronically early next week. The district said it was delayed by issues with an electronic system.

This is the first year teachers are working on one-year contracts after losing a push for two-year contracts last year. A BTA spokesperson said the district told them it's working on the issue and no news is good news. The spokesperson said they understand with changes at the district there can be glitches, but right now, teachers are left waiting.

"Some people think okay if I have car that's on the fritz, you know, I need a new car okay I have a job next year you know I can go get that new car. Or oh, I don't know if I have a job you know can I get that new car or I'm looking to get a house for my family, it's kind of hard to plan for your family without job security," BTA Vice President Sebrina Dollar said.

The district has a job fair scheduled Saturday at Ozen High School.

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