Port Arthur widow remembers her husband killed in a fiery crash

Port Arthur widow remembers her husband Mauricio Cordoba-Gomez who was killed in a fiery crash

A union of 48 years ended for Juana Martinez-Garcia when her husband, Mauricio Cordoba-Gomez, died when his jeep burst into flames.

"It was very ugly. Can you imagine it all lit up, it all burnt up," says Martinez-Garcia.

On September 27, 2016, Cordoba-Gomez was on his way home from a work meeting at the Holiday In, in Port Arthur.

Stopped at a traffic light on 39th Street, Cordoba-Gomez was struck from behind by driver Joseph Brady Carney.

The crash caused Cordoba-Gomez's jeep to catch fire, and he wasn't able to escape.

"That guy must have been going really fast to hit the car and cause it to explode," says Martinez-Garcia.

On Wednesday, the Jefferson County Grand Jury indicted Carney on a charge of intoxication manslaughter.

Police say he was under the influence of Xanax.

"It's doesn't make me happy, but it's what's just," says the heartbroken wife.

She says a year later, it's still difficult for her, especially now that she's lost two people who were close to her heart, her husband and son who died of a heart attack.

"I just try real hard to keep going. It's been three years since my son died and then a year since my husband," says Martinez-Garcia.

Juana says, she is holding on to the fond memories of her husband to get her through these difficult times.

"He was very good to me," says Martinez-Garcia.

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