KFDM Investigation: Cold Case Missing Person; serial killer link?

It’s a case that dates back nearly three decades. 51-year-old A Port Arthur resident Pauline Klumpp disappeared July 2nd, 1988.

Port Arthur police enlisted the help of the Texas Rangers and interviewed hundreds of people. Klumpp was checking on her rental property in Port Acres. The air conditioning in her home wasn’t working and witnesses say Roy Melanson said he had experience fixing air conditioners and volunteered to help.

Melanson and Klumpp left together and she was never seen alive again. The next day her truck was found abandoned in a grocery store parking lot only a few miles away.

Sgt. Scott Gaspard was only a rookie with the Port Arthur Police Department when Klumpp went missing.

Now he’s decided to find Klumpp’s body. He says he knows Melanson killed her.

Melanson was release was released from the Texas Prison system three months before Klumpp disappeared. The life long criminal had been in and out of prison for rape and other crimes.

Currently Melanson is serving time for murdering a woman in Colorado. We’ve requested an interview with him, but haven’t received a response yet.

Sgt. Gaspard hopes someone will come forward with new information to crack this cold case. If you know anything about Roy Melanson hung out when he was in southeast Texas, contact Port Arthur Police Detectives directly at 409-983-8624.

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