Four year long road construction project affecting Beaumont businesses soon to be finished

Four year long construction project affecting Beaumont businesses soon to be finished

BEAUMONT- Stephanie Chatman owns two businesses on Concord Road; Stephanie's Salon and Prosperity Tax Service.

Her businesses are along the same stretch of road where four years of construction have affected both her businesses.

"We had workers that left because of the business. We couldn't get in, couldn't get out," said Chatman. "Some days we'd come to work, streets blocked off, some days you could get in, and they had driveways so muddy, full of mud half the time. It was bad for me and my customers."

Sarah Dupre with the Texas Department of Transportation says the project started in 2013.

"It was only a two-lane road and we opened it to a four-lane road," said Dupre. "It's nice, all completely brand new, nice and smooth and it's going to be a great feature for this part of Beaumont."

Dupre said the project came to a halt for three months, due to issues with a contractor.

"The previous contractor did default with their contract, and we had to release them," she said. "But now, we have a great contractor on board and they're doing a great job and we're looking forward to this being opened."

When the new contractor came on board, work started picking up, and now all that's left to do is finish work on the sideways and mark where the lanes go.

With just little left to do, Chatman said she's ready for business to pick back up.

"It needed to be done," she said of the widening the road. "Now it is, and its beautiful. It's going to be better," Chatman said. "There's more traffic now, so I know business will pick back up and it will be great."

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