For some runners, the 8th annual Gusher Marathon is about much more than running

For many Gusher Marathon runners, making a good time or beating a personal best is important.

But for other runners, the day is about so much more.

"Well, I dedicated this race to my dad's memory .., who died seven years ago very suddenly in his sleep," said runner Mike Moss. "It's a home away from home, Beaumont, I'm actually from south Louisiana and I'm kinda breaking up, but I love this race."

Today's Eighth Annual Gusher Marathon was Moss' 11th full marathon. He said he's raced nearly 1000 miles in the last eight years.

Amie James. who started the marathon with her husband Richard, says hearing stories like Moss' is what it's all about.

"It's everyone who takes on something they never thought they could do, that's what we're here for," James said.

KFDM and 6 News on Fox's Kaily Cunningham reports.

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