Jefferson Co. DD6 official stresses importance of removing debris from drainage systems

Rainy season isn't over quite yet, rain forecast continue to show in SE Texas, which keep drainage districts busy.

DD6 go into action, clearing debris and natural waste from ditches all over the city.

"When it's raining we get out and as the ditches fill up, we make sure we don't have floating debris causing problems that's our main concern," Doug Canant said, DD6 Engineer.

Crews of DD6 work a highly detailed job in each neighborhood, they say, by not paying attention to detail can cause flooding and potentially in neighborhoods.

Canant stresses the importance of keeping debris and other waste away from ditches to prevent ditches from clogging.

"You can actually flood your house or your neighbor's house that is a point to stress... and if somebody see's something call the drainage district and we'll try to address it," Canant said.

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