Families in Bevil Oaks say they want to leave Beaumont ISD

Bevil Oaks families want to leave BISD

BEVIL OAKS- 5x plus 4y equals 2, it's the equation Patricia Behnken's two kids are working on; they're home schooled.

"My girls have been thinking about wanting to go back," says Behnken.

She says they can't go back to school because they live inside the Beaumont ISD, and Behnken says the schools out there are too far.

"If I had to drive them clear across town or they would have to ride the bus, no that would not be convenient to me," says Behnken.

Behnken and other Bevil Oaks families plan to attend an April 20th public hearing with BISD board members. Their goal is to separate from the district.

"I think its an awesome idea," says Behnken.

Bevil Oaks is at the edge of BISD zoning, and Behnken says it often takes more than an hour for children to get to and from school.

"It's a long time on the bus," she says. "They get home they hardly have no time to do homework, and when the times change it gets dark so fast they have no time, and then they're in there hours and hours trying to do their homework."

The answer to their problem, according Behnken and other parents, is to allow their children to attend Hardin Jefferson ISD.

It's only a 10 to 15 minute drive to schools there.

"We've been trying to get out at Hardin Jefferson for quite some time now," says Behnken. "I don't know why it hasn't passed, but I know we recently signed petitions out here to try to get back over there."

Nothing was approved, and now Behnken is urging parents to voice their support during the upcoming public hearing.

"Some of us out here probably should go and show the support that we do want to go out there and maybe that will make a difference," says Behnken.

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