Ex-Beaumont ISD teacher accused of spitting at student claims innocence

The Beaumont ISD teacher accused of spitting at a student resigned hours before the district's Board of Managers could decide her fate, sources tell KFDM News.

Anh Nguyen, who was a math teacher at Pathways Learning Center, had been on paid leave since the allegations.

BISD's Board of Managers was scheduled to meet Thursday in a closed session to decide whether to take further action against Nguyen, who had been with the district for 12 years.

Nguyen resigned Thursday morning, effective immediately.

Nguyen's attorney, Dustin Galmor, released a statement Thursday afternoon saying his client is innocent of the allegations. Nguyen is charged with a Class C misdemeanor in connection to the incident, Galmor said.

Here's more from Galmor's statement:

Due in part to the current allegation and also due to the needs of her elderly parents, Ms. Nguyen has decided to resign from BISD. She looks forward to again serving her community as a school teacher in a more religious capacity through a parochial school.
Teaching at a school like Pathways is very challenging career choice. It is astonishing the type of conduct a teacher is subjected to on a daily basis in an alternative school. The statements provided by students who witnessed this incident paint a picture of extreme unruliness that any teacher would want to avoid.

Galmor went on to say Nguyen is "absolutely innocent" and that she "welcomes the opportunity to place the false allegation before of jury of fellow Southeast Texans."

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