Bevil Oaks residents preparing for Hurricane Harvey

Bevil Oaks residents preparing for Hurricane Harvey

The City of Bevil Oaks sits close to Pine Island Bayou. Residents have experienced major flooding before, but Friday hardly any homeowners used sandbags.

"You can't prepare for something you don't know. I mean you can do the basics," said resident Joan Howard.

Howard and her family have lived in Bevil Oaks for years. They loaded up on water and groceries, but that is the extent of their preparation for Harvey.

"It may not be a good decision but we've decided we're not moving, we're not leaving," Howard said.

Others here say they will leave if need be, with previous floods in the back of their minds.

"I have seen it come up to the very back of my swimming pool. Of course in 1994 it flooded the house and most everybody else out here," said resident Mike Clark.

Some say the drainage ditches have improved in Bevil Oaks, but it is still a good idea to prepare.

"If you know you're in a lower area in Bevil Oaks, sandbag as you've been directed. Be prepared to leave," Clark said.

"You just have to hope and pray that God takes care of you," Howard said.

The Bevil Oaks Emergency Management Coordinator advises residents here to follow any advisories from Jefferson County.

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